road100 said:
Hello nice to meet you, I would like to ask you things about Izzie Stevens if it is not a problem. I'm fascinated about her and her daughter Hannah. Let me know what you think about this topic? What do you think about the choice of Izzie, if you think she misses her and wants to be near her daughter ... I would just like to talk to you about this topic and nothing else. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience. I am Italian, forgive grammatical errors

well, that’s an interesting question. Izzie was really young when she got pregnant… i think we need to respect her decision. She got scared, she thought she wouldnt be able to raise a child so she gave her away. I think in moments in her life, she might think about Hannah, she might think about ‘what her life could have been if hannah was by her side’ but it’s just if’s in her mind. It’s done… she thought it was the right decision in that moment and we need to respect it. Personally idk,  that never happened to me so idk how would’ve act. 

Anonymous said:
I love the caps and the blog. <3

Thank you so much! =) Unfortunely I havent been posting much lately, but I’ll try to fix that =)